Capurnaum to Susita to Harod Spring to Nazareth

First to Capernaum where Jesus made his home base during his ministry. It is a fantastic archaeological site with a synagogue, homes, all kinds of cool stuff. This is where the elite of the rabbis taught as well as the home of Matthew.

Synagogue at Capurnaum

Then we had a nice hike to the ruins of Susita, place of the feeding of the 4000 and where the demons are cast out of the crazy man and into the pigs. Jesus tells the man to stay there (he wants to go with Jesus) and from him others in that area came to believe Jesus is the messiah and a whole church started there.

Landmines at Susita
Landmines at Susita

The Spring of Harod is where Gideon whittled down his army to 300 folks by having them drink from this spring. Pretty cool to get my photo taken drinking from the same spring.

Scoop and drink, don’t lap like a dog!

We got to Nazareth in the late afternoon and walked outside the city in some fields and discussed the parable of the sower, how Jesus had his disciples eat wheat on the Sabbath, the story of Ruth, and how Jesus was probably a stone worker (sorry you carpenters). It was a full walk.

Wheat in Nazareth
Wheat in Nazareth

Tomorrow – up to Jerusalem (you always say up because it’s built on hills – nothing to do with north / south).